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SMT mass production

Shenzhen Sichi Technology Co.,LTD.was established in 2000,the company is the most powerful and influential corporation with its following businesses: Multilayer PCB design,PCB Layout,PCB copy,PCB Clone,Dechipher IC,software developing,prototype debugging and manufacturing,unit production and mass production,OEM,SMT,ODM,testing and so on.It can undertake the design business of 1-38 layers PCB quickly.We more than 100 software and hardware engineers with many years experience in technology development and PCB design.Whatever it's two-sided boards,multilayer boards or high frequency boards,we can provide the following services: PCB copy,PCB changing,schematic diagram designing,PCB layout,BOM list making,prototype manufacturing(including debugging),the batch processing of finished product,technical support,quality assurance of PCB production,according to the requirements of our customers.Therefore,it will save your cost for the development and drawing design,and in the mean time,it will help you fulfill these items: Purchasing the scarce components,replacement of the devices with compatible function,the design for signal source and testing frame etc.


We are providing top-quality product with excellent service,low cost.We sincerely hope a various,high-frequency contact and joint development with you!

Our services:
PCB  Layout
IC crack
Chip decryption
PCB and PCBA copying
PCB and PCBA clone
PCB assemblies
PCBA OEM and ODM one-stop service
PCBA spare/replacement/repair parts
•More than 10 years experience
•More than 60 professional R and D staffs
•1100sq.m factory the largest scale and most professional company in this field in China
•IC crack: machine code and 2 sample chips would be provided for test
•PCB/PCBA copying: BOM,PCB and SCH in Protell 99SE would be provided
•PCB/PCBA clone: machine code,BOM,PCB,SCH and 2 sample boards would be provided
•Our PCBA is widely applied in: medical equipment
•Industrial control equipment
•Telecommunication applications:
•Military industry
•All electronic products
•Available with 12 lines and all of them can make RoHS products
•Maximum size of PCB our SMT machine can make: (L) 457 x (W) 356mm
•Minimum size: (L) 50 x (W) 50mm
Minimum size of QFP: 45 x 45mm
•Pitch: 0.3mm
•Minimum size of chip: 0201
•Machines can also make BGA,CSP,LLP,and other many special package components
•Total capacity: 10 million chips/day (two shifts)
•There are 10 M/I (wave soldering) lines,three of them are for RoHS products and can be expanded to seven lines
•M/I components (such as axis resistor,capacitor and diode) can be preformed automatically
•Maximum size of PCB they can make: (L) 550 x (W) 350mm
•Minimum size: (L) 50 x (W) 35mm
•Available with six convey lines in RoHS solution
•All lines can make small products such as MP3,MP4 players,and mobile phones
•Provide turnkey and prototype service