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PCB Prototype

We are good at deciphering difficult chips,1-32 layers PCB clone,PCB layout,PCB Assembly and mass production.

We focus on producing high quality PCBA,and for mass production we will offer discounts.All PCBA have one year warranty period.

If you have other PCB above 6 layers,like 8 layers,10 layers,16 layers,18 layers,28 layers,please contact us,we are good at copy and clone multilayer board.We also skill on decoding the difficult chip as PIC16F1937, PIC16F1936, PIC16F1947, PIC24FJ64, PIC24HJ64, PIC18F25, EPM240, EPM570, EPM1270, STM, LPC, R5F, MB, NEC, MC, TMS, CY8C, AT91SAM, TMP and so on.


Our PCB Prototype Capability:

Materia.FR4,High T-g material,CEM1,CEM3

Board thicknes.0.4 ~ 5.0 mm

Layer count.1 ~ 22 layers

Copper weight up to 5 Oz

min finished hole side:8 mils

Min trace width/space:3/3 mils

Solder mask. Green, Blue, White, Black, Blue, Yellow


Max board dimension:18*24 inches

Finish type.1mm Gold, 1mm Silver, 1mm Tin, Hard Gold, HASL, LF HASL