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PCB manufacture

We are good at deciphering difficult chips,1-32 layers PCB clone,PCB layout,PCB Assembly and mass production.

We focus on producing high quality PCBA,and for mass production we will offer discounts. All PCBA have one year warranty period.

If you have other PCB above 6 layers, like 8 layers, 10 layers, 16 layers, 18 layers, 28 layers, please contact us, we are good at copy and clone multilayer board. We also skill on decoding the difficult chip as PIC16F1937, PIC16F1936, PIC16F1947, PIC24FJ64, PIC24HJ64, PIC18F25, EPM240, EPM570, EPM1270, STM, LPC, R5F, MB, NEC, MC, TMS, CY8C, AT91SAM, TMP and so on.


Our professional & best service is as follows:

PCB and PCBA layout      

IC crack

Chip decryption

PCB and PCBA copying

PCB and PCBA clone

PCB assemblies

PCBA OEM and ODM one-stop service

PCBA spare/replacement/repair parts


Shenzhen Sichi Technology Co.LTD was established in 2000.We are engaged in 1-32 layers PCB quickly,maintenance and accessories development of all medical equipment,automatic control equipment,and mobile communication devices.We are one of the most powerful and influential corporations with the businesses such as one-stop services of PCB assembly,PCB copy,PCB clone,IC crack,PCB design,IC decryption,chip reverse design,SMT processing,PCB fabrication,prototype production and debugging.


We takes "Quality is product's life,credit is company's soul" as business philosophy, We adhere to provide customers with top-ranking technical  solutions,products and service.We keep  friendly cooperation with some of the world's top 500 enterprises,famous scientific  research institutes and colleges.