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Address:Room 302,RongXing Building,FuHao Garden,168# Road Bulong,Bantian Street,Longgang District,Shenzhen City,Guangdong,China.


IC chips, MOS tubes, capacitors, tantalum capacitors, crystal oscillators, diodes and other electronic components procurement


Shenzhen Si Chi Technology is the first company in China to enter the field of PCB LAYOUT design and circuit board copying. With decades of rich experience, it has successfully helped domestic and foreign companies, governments and well-known scientific research institutions to overcome multiple technical problems. In the medical electronics, industrial control equipment, military aerospace, communication equipment, radio and television equipment, transportation equipment, automotive electronics, home electronics and other industries, it has successfully launched a number of innovative products. Familiar with the needs of consumers in these fields, it can make important product upgrades for them and cooperate with customers to find the market positioning of products.

Not only that, Si Chi Technology's service is also one-stop, providing users with full-process services from PCB design, circuit board copying, prototype production, component procurement, patch, insertion, welding, assembly, testing, maintenance, inspection, packaging to shipment. Choosing Si Chi Technology Copy Board Company is choosing a tomorrow of continuous innovation!


The company can also provide customers with material procurement services, ODM, OEM and SMT OEM services, as well as functional prototype production services, and design a full set of solutions for corporate customers, including original prototypes, original prototype software programs and secondary development of hardware functions.


Shenzhen Sichi Technology mainly sells the following brand ICs:


Domestic brands: Belling (for automotive electronics, etc.), SGMICRO (for automotive, computing, communications, industry, consumer electronics, etc.), TOP, POWER, ASIC (for lithium battery charging, multi-function integration, power chips, etc.), XHSC (for electric tailgates, etc.), HDSC (for industrial control, automotive electronics, secure IoT, etc.), GEEHY (for automotive, industrial, consumer, power and energy, etc.), HOLTEK (for consumer electronics, etc.), PUYA (for mobile phones, automobiles, industry, etc.), JOULWATT (for communications, industry, security, computers, IoT, automotive electronics, etc.), LONTIUM (for hybrid interface ICs, audio and video fields, etc.), CORPRO (for aviation, ships, navigation, etc.), EVEREST-SEMI (audio), Nyquest (voice series), etc.


Foreign brands: SAMSUNG, Texas Instruments, Renesas, NXP, ONSEMI, STMicroelectronics, MAXIM, DIODES, ROHM, Broadcom, MICROCHIP, TECHCODE, INFINEON, etc.