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12 layers PCB copy

Our services:

PCB  Layout

IC crack

Chip decryption

PCB and PCBA copying

PCB and PCBA clone

PCB assemblies

PCBA OEM and ODM one-stop service

PCBA spare/replacement/repair parts

•More than 10 years experience

•More than 60 professional R and D staffs

•1100sq.m factory the largest scale and most professional company in this field in China

•IC crack: machine code and 2 sample chips would be provided for test

•PCB/PCBA copying: BOM,PCB and SCH in Protell 99SE would be provided

•PCB/PCBA clone: machine code,BOM,PCB,SCH and 2 sample boards would be provided

•Our PCBA is widely applied in: medical equipment

•Industrial control equipment

•Telecommunication applications:

•Military industry

•All electronic products

•Available with 12 lines and all of them can make RoHS products

•Maximum size of PCB our SMT machine can make: (L) 457 x (W) 356mm

•Minimum size: (L) 50 x (W) 50mm

Minimum size of QFP: 45 x 45mm

•Pitch: 0.3mm

•Minimum size of chip: 0201

•Machines can also make BGA,CSP,LLP,and other many special package components

•Total capacity: 10 million chips/day (two shifts)

•There are 10 M/I (wave soldering) lines,three of them are for RoHS products and can be expanded to seven lines

•M/I components (such as axis resistor,capacitor and diode) can be preformed automatically

•Maximum size of PCB they can make: (L) 550 x (W) 350mm

•Minimum size: (L) 50 x (W) 35mm

•Available with six convey lines in RoHS solution

•All lines can make small products such as MP3,MP4 players,and mobile phones

•Provide turnkey and prototype service

Our services:
PCB  Layout
IC crack
Chip decryption
PCB and PCBA copying
PCB and PCBA clone
PCB assemblies
PCBA OEM and ODM one-stop service
PCBA spare/replacement/repair parts
•More than 10 years experience
•More than 60 professional R and D staffs
•1100sq.m factory the largest scale and most professional company in this field in China
•IC crack: machine code and 2 sample chips would be provided for test
•PCB/PCBA copying: BOM,PCB and SCH in Protell 99SE would be provided
•PCB/PCBA clone: machine code,BOM,PCB,SCH and 2 sample boards would be provided
•Our PCBA is widely applied in: medical equipment
•Industrial control equipment
•Telecommunication applications:
•Military industry
•All electronic products
•Available with 12 lines and all of them can make RoHS products
•Maximum size of PCB our SMT machine can make: (L) 457 x (W) 356mm
•Minimum size: (L) 50 x (W) 50mm
Minimum size of QFP: 45 x 45mm
•Pitch: 0.3mm
•Minimum size of chip: 0201
•Machines can also make BGA,CSP,LLP,and other many special package components
•Total capacity: 10 million chips/day (two shifts)
•There are 10 M/I (wave soldering) lines,three of them are for RoHS products and can be expanded to seven lines
•M/I components (such as axis resistor,capacitor and diode) can be preformed automatically
•Maximum size of PCB they can make: (L) 550 x (W) 350mm
•Minimum size: (L) 50 x (W) 35mm
•Available with six convey lines in RoHS solution
•All lines can make small products such as MP3,MP4 players,and mobile phones
•Provide turnkey and prototype service